Are you tired and wired?

What a difference a year makes!

This time last year a new client came through my doors with a gift voucher for the centre. She later told me that voucher changed her life.

When I first met this client she was exhausted, constantly sick, sleeping poorly with frequent waking at 3am. She had recently gained weight primarily around the abdomen; she was stressed and overwhelmed. My client’s health was impacting her menstrual cycle; she was suffering severe premenstrual symptoms for three out of the four weeks every month. She was depressed, anxious, teary, angry, and was experiencing period pain, heaving bleeding, breast tenderness and bowel changes.

To help cope with the high levels of stress in her life my client was drinking in her words too many glasses of wine each night and eating a sugar laden diet. When stressed it can be natural to turn to sugar and alcohol to help us through our lives at the time, believe me I know I have been there! However the alcohol and sugar are only making things worse in the long run.

My client was very ready to make changes and was committed to her treatment plan 110 percent!

One of the best things my client did for her health was to take sugar out of her diet; yes it can be done and you will feel amazing for it! My client decided to embark on The I Quit Sugar Program and stopped drinking alcohol. She lost weight, the constant brain fog lifted, her sleep improved exponentially, she regained her energy and she felt great.

My client now rarely drinks alcohol and notices the big impact it has on her sleep if she does. She no longer feels tired and wired and feels like a different person who recently said to me…I never want to go back to how I was!

My aim of treatment was to support her stress response which is vital when working with clients with hormonal imbalances. When stressed the body increases secretion of cortisol and adrenalin. Cortisol is indirectly made from progesterone, when we are stressed progesterone levels decrease as its being used to make cortisol. Symptoms of low progesterone include; PMS, mood changes such as irritability, anxiety, nervousness and depression, headaches, migraines, heavy or irregular bleeding, low libido, night sweats, weight gain, breast pain and tenderness.

For this client I also worked to support oestrogen clearance, reversed insulin resistance and strengthened her immune system.

My client was committed to making changes to her diet, her lifestyle and consistently taking her herbs and supplements. She understood it can take time for her body to heal and regain balance; she was patient with this process. I am so proud of this client and how far she has come.

Yes it can be hard work at times though the results are so worth it if you make the effort and the changes.

Is 2017 the year you are going to make those changes and feel amazing?

From my client;

In January this year I decided to use a gift voucher that I won to see a naturopath. At that stage I was very unfit, I was constantly sick and I was overweight. On top of all this, my body felt like it was against me. Three out of four weeks of the months I was highly affected with PMS. I was in a state of constant stress and I was exhausted. I was a very prickly person to be around; the smallest thing would have me in tears or in a fit of anger. Renee called it “tired and wired”.

Renee gave me some wonderful guidance and put me on the path to a much healthier me. She helped guide me towards a different way of eating, and seeing exercise differently. After six months I was a different me. My pre menstrual systems lessened to almost nothing. My period was no longer an excruciating ordeal, I’m a nicer person to be around because I’m not so stressed and tired. I feel fabulous.

Things happen for a reason and I’m so grateful that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and made the change. Working with Renee has literally changed my life. She has been so supportive of my efforts to improve my health and given me clear and realistic advice. There was no crazy deprivation or unmanageable rules but plenty of options, ideas and friendly advice. Oh and the best bit, I look pretty hot after losing all that weight. 🙂





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