About Renee

PCOS and Hormonal Health Naturopath

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Renee is a bachelor qualified naturopath with over 7.5 years clinical experience with a passion for women’s health. 
As a PCOS specialist and hormonal health naturopath Renee loves to help bring women back into balance and help them regain their vitality. Renee is trained to look for the underlying causes of your health concerns and address those with an evidence based approach. 
Renee loves working with women with PCOS and thyroid concerns as they are often not diagnosed for years when they know something is out of balance with their body. As a naturopath Renee can help women who are suffering with their health and not getting the answers they need. 
Renee is passionate about wholefood nutrition and believes in nourishing the body with whole foods. Renee loves working with her clients to help them achieve their optimal health potential. Renee enjoys helping others to feel empowered to make changes to their diet, health and lifestyle to live their best possible life!

Renee utilises functional pathology and food intolerance testing with great results. 

Renee’s beautiful and healthly ebook – Nourish Your Body is available here.